• “Every day at Etendeka is different"
    “Every day at Etendeka is different"

    - Boas, one of the passionate and extremely knowledgeable guides at Etendeka.

Activities at Etendeka

These arid plains set against the Etendeka basalt lava flows and flat top mountains are nothing short of splendid and although seemingly inhospitable are full of hidden life.

Etendeka does not push the game viewing experience on the 50 000 ha conservancy but rather an authentic engagement with nature and this remote wilderness. There are no fences or management of wildlife. Animals are free to move in and out of the area depending on the time of year, their movements driven by food and water.

A minimum two night stay is required at Etendeka. Your fully inclusive stay will include all meals and all activities during your stay. An example of your activities and a suggested itinerary is listed below: